What is storytelling?

What is a storyline? What is successful storytelling?

Us humans, we seek meaning. We implicitly look for connections in everything we see and experience; we make a storyline in our head. Storytelling takes advantage of that habit to structure information so it’s easier for us to understand.

The best storytelling connects head, heart and gut, adding an emotional layer of information. A good story doesn't read like homework. You can see the events through the eyes of whoever is experiencing them. See for example: https://narratively.com/meet-a-kurdish-commander-who-stares-down-isis-every-day/ Or https://narratively.com/the-grandchildren-of-genocide/. dit verhaal, dit verhaal of dit verhaal.

Storytelling requires a different way of collecting information. While the facts may be the same in any culture and any group, we act according to what those facts mean to us. So with storytelling we focus on the experience.

Mijn specialisme? Organisaties en makers helpen om het emotionele hart van hun verhaal te vinden.

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