“Paulien is a brilliant story psychologist. Like no other she knows how to find the true hart of a story. She has this amazing ability to listen really carefully, without judging, and ask many questions and then at the end like a magician she can pinpoint the exact core of your story.”

– Anaïs López, visual artist

“Paulien is the first one we think of when we have a docker/photographer who doesn’t yet know HOW to tell his story and WHY he or she is making it. To find this out we send them to our Story Doctor Paulien. She always delivers. It is always an intense experience that opens new doors to whole new levels of storytelling. Our photographers reap the benefits of this experience for many years of their careers.”

– Marga Rotteveel co-founder of Docking Station

“Working with story doctor Paulien was an eye-opening experience. Like a shrink, Paulien has the ability to pull things from your unconsciousness, helping you shape complex ideas and assisting you in the entire process of putting out a story for publication. The personal scope of dedication and commitment to the session was mind blowing and left me to realize that all a photographer needs, is a really good story doctor!”

– Maren Krings, photographer