Creative story doctor

NEW! Ghostwriting for photographers:

Do you spend hours staring at a blank page?

I'll help you by asking the right questions and putting it on paper. Because creating images is your thing, expressing them is mine. After a Zoom interview, I will work out the text for you. A week later you have an interview for your website, a draft of an artist statement or grant application, or a pitch about your project, photo book or exhibition.

How does it work?

We have a short introductory meeting on Zoom of max 15 minutes. In that conversation I ask you two questions: what is your project about? And what do you want from me? And we see if there is a click; if I understand what you want to make. Afterwards I will send you a tailor-made offer. If you approve, we have an interview on Zoom of no more than one hour. I will ask you questions and help you to get to the core of your project or the heart of your creatorship. Then I write out your words on paper. You’ll have a first draft. A text of, depending on your goal, one or two A4. It's a text in the primer that you can tweak or adjust, depending on what you want to use it for.

How much does that cost?

I charge 250 euros for a one hour interview and a max of three hours writing it out.

Who am I?

Story doctor Paulien Bakker is former director of the Narrative Journalism Foundation in the Netherlands and author of two literary non-fiction books ("A romantic people" and "What follows a mistake".) She studied journalism and psychology. As a story doctor, she helps photographers and journalists in one-on-one coaching sessions to find the emotional heart of their story. Her motto is: Only when you know what you have with your subject, you know which story you want to tell. on demand.

What I also do: Story doctor

  • You have been working on an idea for years but have not come up with a concrete plan
  • You have a mountain of material but you no longer see your story

As a story doctor I help photographers and journalists who are stuck in their project, to get back on their feet. In two coaching sessions on Zoom of a maximum of 3 hours together, we look for the emotional heart of your story. My motto is: if you know why you want to tell this story, then you also know how to best convey it.

(Photo copyright Marieken van der Velden)